What is ZULUTRADE ??

ZuluTrade - What that is?

Simply solution to connect best Forex Brokers with Signals from talented Traders and their Forex Systems.

Why We Are the Best?

With ZuluTrade You:

  • Can trade with more than 50 Forex Brokers.
  • Can open completely FREE account.
  • Have no monthly fees.
  • Have access to thousands strategies.
  • Learn from Professionals.
  • Can easy manage the risk.

What Others Are Saying about ZuluTrade

Responses from satisfied customers.

  • I trade on forex from 5 years and from time I found Zulutrade I can sleep well, earn real money and easy manage the risk.

    Forex Trader on Zulutrade - Bartek - AAA886069F

  • Zulutrade is the best solution for people witch want to learn how to trade on forex market. Forex signals from Zulutrade Providers You can easy manage, revert and so on.

    Forex Trader on Zulutrade - Thomas - AAA216766F

  • It allows you to trade forex without having to watch the account all the time and it has complex ways that you can manage your risk.

    Forex Trader on Zulutrade - Matthew - FXCM682552F

  • It is easy to use, there are very good traders and you do not need a lot of time to manage your account.

    Forex Trader on Zulutrade - Patrick - AAA687286F

  • It's the best way to trade forex market for the beginners and people who are on the move & can't watch the market 24/7.

    Forex Trader on Zulutrade - Mohammad - AAA409627F

  • ZuluTrade is unique due to its outstanding support and the quality of service.

    Forex Trader on Zulutrade - Omar - AAA635899F

  • I recommend ZuluTrade as a great place to multiply your funds. When selecting your providers you should always check their style of trading and answer the question if his trading will indeed meet all your expectations.

    Forex Trader on Zulutrade - Marek - AAA275515F

  • I would recommend ZuluTrade to other people because the method is trustworthy and secure for aware Investors.

    Forex Trader on Zulutrade - Romuald - AAA606627F

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Forex Trader on Zulutrade - Mohammad - AAA409627F

It's the best way to trade forex market for the beginners and people who are on the move & can't watch the market 24/7.

You can autotrade on forex with ZULUTRADE completely FREE!

You can learn forex trading from professional traders.

Auto-rotate traders!

Stop watching your portfolio every day! When trader will stop sticking with the original strategy, or trading behaviors will change ZuluTrade will automatically remove them.

Ranking of Providers

You have possibilities to search among Professional Forex Traders and according Your specifications.

Advanced Settings

Allows diversification of investment portfolio and have Multiple risk management options.